Editing Finished! Plus Defiant Systems cover revealed…

Editing on Defiant Systems is now complete! I am exhausted, but it’s a great day.

Early review copies will be sent out to the Advanced Readers group in a few days, once I’ve checked for spelling errors.

Last call to join the early review group.

The new book will be publicly available on Amazon.com in two to three weeks, once the professional proofread by Red Adept is completed.

Despite the title of Book Two, this is in fact my fourth book, as the first two are the anthology collections.

To celebrate this milestone, here is the official cover reveal for Defiant Systems:

Thank you to everyone who helped me reach this point. Looking forward to launch day, and to writing the next one.

Thoughts on science fiction, creative writing, media and philosophy.

Richard Rimington is a British writer living in Hong Kong, and the author of the Infinite Void series.

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