Two Stories done for second book

This week I’ve managed to complete the line edit for two stories in my upcoming second anthology.

Technically these are story 1 and story 4 from the book – stories 2 and 3 are both awkward to work on, so I treated myself by starting with the easy work. I don’t normally do that, but after a few weeks working on marketing, this was my first time back writing in detail after a break, so I worked on something I was confident in.

Starting a fresh edit of a book does give a dizzying sense of being at the beginning of an arduous journey – here we go again… Cracking it open at page 1, 220 more to go. That’s three weeks, working at a reasonable rate.

I actually read Book 1 ( about seven times during its production – I’m good not to read it ever again. Book 2 has been read two times by me so far, so I can tell I’m already not giving it the same scrutiny as book 1. That’s a good thing though, the production process has to be streamlined and sped up. Reading your own novel seven times is a bit neurotic perhaps. Three or four readthroughs is probably a solid number.

Writing on the book post line-edit is a high focus task – it essentially will go to my readers however I leave it today. There’s a proofreading step, but that won’t feature much line changes. The sentences today are how they will be.

I’m still not 100% satisfied with the last paragraph of story 1. I will brood and stew on it.

So! Book 2 is approximately 25% of the way through. It happens quicker than you think.

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