Installment 2:

Writing continues well.

I’ve written a scene over the past week that I’m not 100% sure is acceptable to share with a general audience. There’s a fine line about what kind of sex you can feature before you end up producing pornography, and I’m not entirely sure I paid attention to it.

Most things get changed from the first draft, though. Plenty will not survive editing. And this is definitely likely to need significant editing.

But overall I do like where it is going.

Here are my new batch of daily cyberpunk characters, – free association go:

A man jovial with a mechanical replica lion head
A woman with a banshee-like scream, elderly survivor. Pirate?
Someone addicting to continuously piloting an iron giant
An ace pilot who has reconstructed their own fighter craft.
A creature bred to feed of sewer waste. Wraithlike, haunting monster.
A large alien that acts as though dim-witted, but is secretly not
Someone with cybnetically enhanced sense of smell for fine dining
A washed up young technocract, using a jetpack to rob a bank
A diminutive midget with a giant shotgun that knocks it over

And there we are at 16, for one a day in 2017

Till next time,


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