Star Wars – It’s never over…



I have a relatively high opinion of JJ Abrams’s Star Trek (don’t get me started on Lost… a future rant may be posted), so I hold cautiously to the idea that he won’t screw things up that badly, right? I mean, the best Star Wars movies have always been the ones that kept Lucas at arms reach. Right??

The ethics of having the rebooter of Star Trek also reboot Star Wars by the way is a heinous issue and a flat-out utter creative bankruptcy (“How are we going to make the new Star Wars good? The new Star Trek was good… We could just hire the exact same guy. That’s genius! Time for lunch”) but I guess that’s old news by now.

My opinions on the prequel trilogy are pure venom BTW, far more adequately summed up by the classic work of Red Letter Media: – You must watch all of this at one point in your life. Set aside time.

To venture some genuine short opinions on this short short teaser, I felt overall positively, and I didn’t really expect to. The first character to appear in the desert is, well, acting. He acts more in those three seconds than anyone manages in all three prequels, and it’s not like they didn’t hire good actors last time. Honestly, I find it pretty reassuring that they start with a simple character in a simple setting, showing emotion. That’s like… the complete opposite of what they did last time, which can only be fucking good.

When I think of the prequels, I pretty much think of characters slowly mumbling in front of a green screen. The trailer wasn’t that. There was usually only a single character. There were stood in an actual wood, or an actual desert. There was a distinct lack of the enormous hordes of CGI Battledroids / Jedi / Wookies / What-the-hell-ever that seemed absolutely mandatory before. Go back and watch it, it still sort of shocks me. As you may guess… I wasn’t a great fan of this last time. At all.

Star Wars fans are like battered wives, just coming back for more no matter how badly they are treated. I remain a cynic, but the signs of this Friday were gently promising.

That red lightsaber hilt thing is stupid as shit though. Jeeeeez.


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