A salute to Doom

Well, yesterday was hard going, but by the end it felt really good to push myself in terms of my abilities. It didn’t feel good at the time mind you, but it did feel good when it was done. Ultimately I only got two thirds of the way through rewriting Legion, which is less than planned, but it was an ambitious goal and I think I produced some very engaging material. Learnt a few things, so I’m happy. The second half is likely to need less revisions, so I should get it done today whilst travelling.

On to today’s discovery!!


Doom is my favourite game of all time. I first played it when I was 8, and I’ve never looked back. I must reinstall and play it at least once a year. Plenty of folks think I’m crazy (or worse, ‘retro’) for playing such an ancient game, but god-damn it just delivers the old ultra-violence in a way nothing else has. Seriously, I’ve yet to find an FPS to affects me in the same way as Doom, (though full respect to seminal efforts such as Half-Life and Timesplitters).

Clearly at least some other people feel the same way as me, as the Doom mod community is straight-up on fire. Today a perfectly respectable vidya news website linked me to this treasure, and, well, it seems I have some Doom-ing to do.


I’ll come up with a list of favourite Doom mods some time, but for now this list will have to do

Hail to the Brutal Doom!


So help my god, games just don’t spray entrails like they used. The shower of genuine organs that emerged from a successful demon kill is a craft that, for whatever reason (lightweights), gaming since has just never attempted, and the experience has never been as engaging as a result.

I also have an expanded copy of Doom The Boardgame (http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/10640/doom-boardgame) which I have almost completely reworked through new rules, and is perhaps my most popular tabletop game ever so far. I’ll be sure to share more on that at a later date!


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