Writer’s Log – Stardate 49713.4

Working on the heavy re-write of Legion today. It’s a big task, 6000 words to be not only edited but significantly improved through any means necessary. I devised a solid list of ideas, but the implementation is still gonna be taken on a sentence by sentence basis. Tis the creative business. Just got to hope magic comes out of the other side. Frankly this is starting to strain my patience just a little bit. We’re on edit 4 now, and the tweaks will need checking so an edit 5 is likely. Hence the high workload, try and get it done quick. I had high hopes for this story, but the first reader had scathing views on its writing style. I need to make it much more interesting to read, probably through making the characters much more worth caring about. I suppose it’s the vague challenges that are the most interesting?


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